How to Use a Chromebook?

Google launched Chromebooks in 2011. At first, the idea of using a laptop that had nothing but Chrome didn’t sound good to the users. As time passed by, web apps gained more and more popularity. Google released several updates and strong extensions to improve the Chromebook users’ experience. Gradually, Chromebook got the ability to operate Android apps and even Linux desktop apps. As a result, the demand for Chromebook increased over time.

Ever wondered how does Chromebook work? Well, using your Chromebook is going to be super easy given that you know the working of Chrome Browser. All the programs and advanced features associated with chromes are the extensions for the Chrome Browser that aims to offer a smooth and fast browsing experience. Nowadays, Chromebooks are the most sought-after option for users looking for mobile apps, desktop experience, and a top-quality browsing system under one platform. You can buy Chromebook using the PC World offer codes if you’re looking for discounted deals.

Chromebook has everything a user needs in a smart operating system. However, the OS does not allow users to perform advanced image or video editing. Luckily, that’s the only exception of Chromebook. Let’s have a look at the steps to using Chromebook.

• Familiarize Yourself with Chrome OS

Chrome OS shares some similar features with other desktops. Like Windows, OS X, and Linux, this device allows users to set their favorite background image. However, users cannot drag and locate their files or folders on Chromebook’s desktop. It only serves as a visual space.
Users can decide to open web apps, Android apps, and desktop apps in their standard windows. Like in other desktops, users can minimize or maximize the size of the window screen according to their preference.

To find all the apps and browse your device, you will need to locate the Caps Key. Once you tap this key, the Google Assistance will present the list of your mobile and desktop apps. These apps will be displayed in the same format as your smartphone, however, Linux apps will appear in a separate group. To access the recent notifications, get to the system tray located at the bottom right corner of the desktop. The system tray features Battery Life Indicator, Clock, and Wi-Fi. When you click this section, a menu with all your system notifications will appear.

• Arrange Your Shelf

As soon as the Chromebook opens, you will find a couple of app icons at the bottom. This area is known as the Chromebook Shelf. It looks almost similar to the Windows Taskbar. Shelf notifies the users about the running applications on the device. Furthermore, it offers the simplest way to open a new app. To make it suitable, users must add their most favorite and commonly-used apps to this section.

• Smartphone Unlock

Chromebook asks for your Google Account Password to give you access to the device. If you own an Android phone, Chromebook will open with your Android’s Bluetooth. Click on settings > connected devices > set up in the Android Phone. The Chromebook will present a new menu showing your smartphone details. Tap Accept & Continue, type a password, and tap done. That’s it! Every time you have your Android phone near the Chromebook, the latter will open without asking for the password.

• Understand your Touchpad and Keyboard
We have already mentioned the use of the browsing key, but Chromebook has a lot of other essential keys that users must understand. Right at the top of the desktop, you will find some shortcut keys that can be used for setting the volume, switching windows, and performing other basic tasks.
If you want the shortcut keys to function as the standard keyboard keys on your Chromebook, open the keyboard settings. Locate the option “Treat top-row keys as function keys” and tap the option to activate it. You can also use some advanced window shortcuts to simplify your Chromebook browsing experience. For example, to Alt + ] and Alt + [ are the window shortcut keys used for dragging the screen to the right or left.

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