Best Way to Watch Now TV

Are you fond of watching TV? The modern TV industry has revolutionized multifold as it gives way to innovative ways of accessing a myriad of interesting shows and movies -all in the comfort of your home. The movie lovers from the United States of America are in luck as they get the opportunity to access their favorite movies and shows from a wide number of live TV streaming services including Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime Video, and so more. Now TV is a highly trending live TV streaming service provider that is gaining a huge momentum due to its wide range of specialized services.

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What is NOW TV?

NOW TV, owned by Sky, is a famous subscription-based TV delivery service in the USA. The service is known to provide the ease of availing contract-free access to some of the high-end, premium channels on Sky -including entertainment, sports, movies, news, and so more. NOW TV has become an increasingly popular choice amongst the TV enthusiasts as well as binge-watchers. The service is known to provide a low-cost TV access to some of the exclusive collections of entertainment shows, movies, TV programs, sports, and so more on Sky. This implies that you get to watch your favorite TV shows without entering into any formal contract with the service provider.

Instead of tying you down to a 2-year contract like traditional TV service providers, NOW TV is known to provide TV services for a wide range of content that you can get for yourself by making a monthly basis. The leading TV shows and movies are now easier to be accessed through Now TV. For your overall ease of binge-watching your favorite shows or movies, you can get access to the latest Now TV movie vouchers online.

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How to Set Up NOW TV?

NOW TV serves to be a perfect TV option for those who love binge-watching and prefer small-screen viewing for the overall convenience. NOW TV network is known to work across a wide number of mobile-based gadgets as well as game consoles in addition to the TV boxes. You can even stream the same on the biggest screen of your house. As you start watching a film or TV series on one device, you can log into any other device for watching the same from where you had left it.

Rather than choosing long-term contracts, you can go for selecting from a series of the available passes -whether weekly or monthly. Whatever package or pass you choose, it will offer you the opportunity to access a comprehensive range of both live TV as well as on-demand movies or shows. In this post, we will help you to understand the process of watching as well as signing up for Now TV.

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How to Sign Up for NOW TV?

You are required to start over with creating a new account on NOW TV. You can do the same by following a number of “sign up” links available on the official web page of Now TV. Here, you are also required to come over with a proper password for your NOW TV account. Additionally, you will also be asked about specific payment details along with setting up a specialized PIN for your payments. Moreover, you can also set up parental controls (if required). You can manage all your controls in the My Account part of the NOW TV account.

Once you have completed the overall process of signing up for your NOW TV account, you are now ready to explore the wide collection of entertainment options on your TV.

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NOW TV Passes

Now TV is known to provide access to a wide number of passes that will help in unlocking your specific entertainment needs. The passes at NOW TV are divided into various packages that aim at catering to your specific viewing needs -right from TV shows to movies, news, sports, and so more.

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The passes that you get at NOW TV are available for a specific monthly fee. However, you still get a 14-days free trial that will help you in providing an idea of what you can expect with the overall experience. The Entertainment Pass featuring several TV shows and TV box sets, is available for around £7.99 on a per month basis. Some of the trending TV series in the given pass are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Flash, and American Horror Story. The Sky Cinema Pass allows you to access a wide number of movies -starting from £9.99 per month.

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Can I watch sports on Now TV?

For the Sky Sports Pass, you can consider buying a £7.99 pass for daily or a £12.99 weekly pass, or even the monthly pass for £33.99.

How to cancel NOW TV subscription?

For doing the same, you can head to the Now TV account and click on the Cancel option for canceling your subscription.

Is the NOW TV app available for free?

There is no charge for downloading the same. For viewing its content, you will have to purchase the premium version.

On what devices can I use Now TV?

You can watch NOW TV on Apple TV, EETV, mobile devices, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox 360, Google Chromecast, and Xbox One.

Can NOW TV be utilized on multiple devices at a time?

Every NOW TV account can be utilized by around 4 devices that are registered to the same.